Sandstones forming a circle 

"Forgotten Melody"
Shape of a cello carved out of sandstone.

pine cones forming the circles
Big circle 2200cm
Small circle 1200cm

 Carved on sandstone

 Independent structures turning on their centre in different speed
 365cm X 95cm X 95cm

Carved out of sandstone
15cm X 22cm X 54cm

"The Iris"
Cutting a ring in to the limestone
Central ring 8cm
27cm X 33cm X 15cm

"The Core"
Creating part of a spheres from sandstone and cutting a hole inside that. In side the hole treated by pigment powder.

Walking in the snow wail holding a cord attached to the center to mark the circles on the field.
1st circle: 300 cm
2nd circle: 560 cm
3rd circle: 1260 cm
4th circle: 2060 cm

Sandstone: inspired by figure eight.
Length 270cm X Breadth 120cm X Height 100cm

"Earth's Memory"
Cutting and leveling a circle in the sandstone.
Outside circle 107cm X Inside circle 84 X depth 18cm

Half round form in the sandstone.

 Attaching threads from circle to the central point and hanging that from the tree.
200 cm X 200 cm X 300 cm

"Tree of Wisdom"
Putting sheep wool on the branches of tree.
They naturally hooking on the  trunk and branches of tree.
Approximately 10 meter X 7 meter

"Falling Leaves"
Hanging the leaves from threads; repetition of action transforms the architecture of space to a corridor and circlet space.
Space: 5.90 cm X 500 cm X 420 cm
Circle: 380 cm X 380 cm X 420 cm
Corridor: 460 cm X 90 cm X 420 cm

"Autumn Gold"
Laying the leafs on the grass to create the form
8 meter X 7 meter

"Eruption" a Land Art Installation (Sheep- "Stell" High Green)
Catting leafs of Fern plants to expose the branches.
15 meter X 15 meter X 1/5 meter